CDN Nutrition Facts Table
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NutrifactsNOW™ is the web presence for Nutrifacts Graphics, a division of Barcode Graphics Inc. Barcode Graphics Inc has provided quality barcode related services and products to the consumer packaged goods industry since 1982. NutrifactsNOW web-based NFT (Nutrition Facts Table) services enable manufacturers, designers, and prepress operations to: cut costs, reduce design time, eliminate human error, guarantee regulatory compliance, and stremline workflow. NutrifactsNOW services include: NFT (Nutrition Facts Table) creation, ADS (Available Display Surface) Reporting, and NFT Compliance testing.

NutrifactsNOW NFTs are supplied as both Acrobat PDF and desktop-compatable EPS files. The PDF NFTs are provided for viewing and printing only.

Available Display Surface (ADS) must be calculated if the most optimal permitted NFT format is to be properly chosen. ADS becomes increasingly important as package size decreases.

Prices: - Nutrition Facts Table (NFT): $11 per SKU
- Available Display Surface (ADS) Reporting: $22 per dieline
- Package Review: $400.00 per SKU
- Re-Calculated Simulated NFT: No Charge

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NOTE: You may choose to select the NEW CDN Format.  If so, the table values will be recalculated according to the NEW CDN Regulations.

Standard Group (NFT 1, 2, 3, 4,16)
Simplified Group (NFT 5, 6, 7,17)
Industrial Format